Cloth (print)

Cloth #6 (The flight of Faust), 2021

This inkjet pigment print on archival rag paper digitally reiterates the shadows of muslin (cotton) fabric cast on sheets of gelatin silver photographic film recorded without a camera. From the film series Cloth (films). Full-size print is made in an edition of 3 plus the artists proof.

Our minds are permeated by metaphors of cloth—from the Three Fates of ancient Greek mythology, to the world-wide-web. Here, camera-less photographic shadows of sheer muslin suggest human forms extending themselves in pursuit or flight. Perhaps it is the fictional Faust, who, in his insatiable desire for self-expansion, makes a pact with the Devil; and his abandoned lover, Gretchen, condemned to persecution and death. Just as Goethe’s tragedy allegorized the perilous trade-off between intimate community and impersonal freedom so integral to modernity, the delicate fabric itself suggests the fragility of our entanglements in a world where social cohesion is unraveling.

Full-size limited edition prints of Cloth #6 (The flight of Faust) are AUD$4000: enquire here.

Smaller-sized non-editioned prints of Cloth #6 (The flight of Faust) are available from AUD$300 each: enquire here.