Damselfly nebula (films)

Damselfly nebula (films), 2020
Four toned gelatin silver film photograms individually encapsulated in a Mylar envelope. Unique objects. Displayed backlit.

These camera-less plein air silver gelatin film photograms record the shadows of winged invertebrates attracted to the light of an ultraviolet lamp installed on the dry salt-bed of Lake Tyrrell in the Victorian Mallee. Like a starry nebula, the swarm of moths, beetles, damselflies and other flying creatures orbits the light. This playful analogy between tiny lives and the heavens attends to the importance of scale in everything we perceive. Like the size of a damselfly relative to a nebula. Or, like the simple external appearance of an insect compared to the intricacies of its biochemistry, evolutionary history or ecological role. Perspective conferred by a sense of scale also brings into focus our failure to accept the nature and constraints of the global biosphere. Stranded in the falsely-scaled hubris of anthropic domination, our collective trajectory appears to be towards an ever-deepening ecological crisis.

These damselfly nebula (films) are source imagery for the print of the same name.