Damselfly weave

Damselfly weave, 2024

Sixteen pigment inkjet rag paper prints mounted on foam board. Assemblage installed 60 cm W x 150 cm L x 55 cm H. Edition of one.

This collection of inkjet prints mixes two kinds of scanned and digitally reiterated camera-less silver gelatin films. One set replicates the imprints of light passing through torn and twisted muslin fabric; the other enlarges the cast shadows of winged invertebrates attracted to the glow of an ultraviolet lamp installed at night on location in the semi-arid Mallee. This playful analogy of tiny lives with cloth technology attends to the intricate web of relationalities between our species and what writer David Abram calls the ‘more-than-human-world’, relationalities that are, tragically, unravelling before our eyes.