I am an Australian landscape photographer, environmental artist and educator. Most of my work explores the contested meanings of the non-human world, of ‘place’ and ‘nature’ under the shadow of global ecological crisis visualized through a focus on the tension between wonder and tragedy I call an ‘ecological gaze’.

In the 1980’s, I photographed landscapes in colour for publication, undertook dye transfer colour printing and the expressive black and white ‘fine print’.

Since 1993, I have been exploring the poetic beauty and revelatory power of camera-less processes. Rather than picture the world seen by the naked eye or camera, I have been employing the ‘photogram’ or ‘shadowgram’ to reveal the abject, ambient, transient and invisible in the studio (Cathexis) and on location in forest (I, Terra, Thou, The Rain), desert (Contact, The Impossibility), atop mountains (Ekkyklema) and under the sea (The Wave). In Syzygy I used the nocturnal ‘light of the universe’  to build enigmatic images on film of the heavens and earth. Using procedures that are part land art, part performance and part photography I attempt to ‘turn the landscape into the camera’.

My art practice also deals with the landscape of memory. In 1994 I made a pilgrimage to Poland. The outcome of that visit was a homage to the land of my forebears (Craters of the Moon). I have also employed photography as a metaphor rather than material (As birds hovering).

Since 2014 I have been digitally reiterating my black and white and colour camera work and cameraless film images (The EndDancing on Mars, Moth Liturgy, In defence) as archival inkjet prints.

My work has been exhibited and reviewed widely. I have been awarded multiple art grants and my artworks have been shortlisted for many prizes and acquired by a number of public collections.

I have written on environmental and photography questions for both general and scholarly audiences and lectured on photography and art in tertiary institutions for over twenty years.

Enquiries can be made by email through my Contact page. For more detailed biographical information please consult my resume.