Gathering Shadows, 2015

Minds in the Cave: insect imagery as metaphors for place and loss, 2013

Syzygy: gazing at shadows, darkly, 2011

Marking The Stranger, 2006

Honest weights, square dealings, 1996

Killing of Gondwana, 1994

The secrets of the Snowy, 1994

Range Upon Range, 1987

Victoria’s Alps, 1983

Gathering Shadows, 2015

Exegesis component of practice-led research project undertaken through the School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne, awarded as PhD, 2015

The practice-led art research project Gathering Shadows: landscape, photography and the ecological gaze investigated the ‘tragic’ visual poetics of a speculative ‘ecological gaze’ at a time of ecological crisis. Employing a unique methodology of cameraless outdoor nocturnal photography of live invertebrates, the work replaces the distancing objectification of lens-based capture. I investigate a symbolic order in which a deeply indexical process reveals an insect umwelten of uncanny intimacy and semiotic presence in which insect abjection operates as an index of place and x-ray like shadows allude to the multiple ‘tragedies’ of the human and non-human ecological predicament…

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