Ekkyklema remade

When first exhibited back in 2014 my Ekkyklema project of films mounted on glass tiles was presented as a single artwork on three adjoining light boxes. Dissatisfied with the way it looked and felt, a few months ago I began to completely re-think the approach and design. The result, published yesterday, is a series of six discrete but related artworks. I invite you to take to a look.

Ekkyklêma 1 (Mount Buffalo), 2014

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Salt, skin and stars

I have just uploaded illustrations of the latest (and probably last) artworks in my nine-year ‘Syzygy’ project. Syzygy involved creating images by exposing photographic films to the ambient light of the stars at night at Lake Tyrrell in the Victorian Mallee. The last artwork of the project, ‘Flay‘, is a nine-piece series of human body prints reiterating the graphite imprint on architects paper of two dancers performing on the dry salt bed of the lake in April 2007.

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